Yüksel Gök

As a certified coach (DCV/EASC) I support you, to see the differences before and after a coaching. What do you want to optimize oder change? My concern during my coaching is to make a difference in your working situation before and after
the coaching. No matter if it is to see your working tasks or colleagues or superiors different or to get a new perceptive or role as a leadership.


My professional background

Grown up with two cultures (turkish/kurdish, german) and to know how it is to live as a minority in a majority society. I have reflected my own cultural influence and deal with difference of great awareness. Therefore my stays abroad in England, France and Indonesia were helpful.

Privately I live with my patchwork family in Berlin and enjoy being with my family and friends from different european countries, who motivate me to travel a lot.
My pedagogical background helps me in dealing with different people. As a teacher of special needs (1. and 2. examen) and sports I could make experience with different school types and endeavour to inclusive education and consider individual starting situations. Diversity and the dealing with differences came very early across my work and life.

My references

In the program by the Bertelsmann Stiftung „Good healthy organizations“ I could deepen my knowledge in health management and as a certified fascilitator to support schools to develop to a a healthy organization. The competences of operational health management could be adapted to other organizations and companies. I did my training courses and coaching sessions for example in order of the supplier Skolamed and für B+P scaffolders in stress reduction.

In the one-to-one coaching I have supported persons in leadership positions from different companies (e.g. in order auf Bayer Business Services GmbH) to develop their own goals and to put
it effectively into practice. In my intercultural training courses for the Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) I have worked with participants from different science and economic areas. Helpful here also was my
experience as a referent /contributer in a EU-Project (Grundtvig-Program) and my knowledge about concepts in the work with multicultral teams.

I have deep experience in the moderation of conflicts in big groups (6 to over 20 persons) and in the coaching of teams in the professional business area, which want to increase their teamwork. Training courses in stress reduction as well as conversation techniques and the leading of difficult conversation with employees is part of my work.