business coaching berlin

What is Einfachberaten?

Effective ideas, which are pragmatic, easy to implement and suitable for daily use, are the driving
forces behind my coaching.

In an open process, we develop your goals together and discuss how you can implement your findings well in everyday life. Through individual support, we can reflect on which steps are the most suitable for you.

As an authentic coach, it is important for me to be transparent and clear and to give you constructive feedback. My methods are descriptive and are designed to support you in better understanding your issues and questions, while developing and implementing clear steps. My coaching methods are predominantly based on systemic and solution-oriented consulting.

About me

Why am I the right contact for your needs?

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What are your goals? What is better or different in the end than before?

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Do you have (emotional) concerns from or during a business succession?

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What skills do You want to acquire?

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What is my practical approach?

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How can you get in touch with me?

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